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Jeans Business Casual/ Professional Attire

Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word Jeans? Maybe you think of cowboys, greasers, rednecks or maybe you think of business causal young professionals. Yeah, thats right a young, business causal professional. Nowadays jeans aren’t just looked at with the thought of oh those are only for working outside or laboring jobs. Jeans in today’s society are versatile and useful. Generally speaking, jeans come in a variety of colors just like chinos, or slacks too.

How do you use jeans to suit the business casual look, and how to do it well? First when starting your professional wardrobe, your go to’s should be 2 pairs of jeans, one Black and one Dark Blue/Black pair. Never ever let yourself think that you can make light colored jeans business casual. Back 10 or 20 years ago jeans would of never been thought of as business causal or anywhere in the realm of office-work attire, but in the modern world it can easily be done. As long as you stick to the basic rules of fashion. Here are the basic jeans dos and don’ts:

1. Always, Always wear Dark Jeans

2. Always wear a straight cut to slim fit and not skinny jeans

3. Don’t try to make it look like you should of wore a suit

4. No rips or Distressing

5. Quality over Quantity


Here are my picks for starter Jeans that are affordable yet still maintain good Quality

20 Jeans – 20$ or less A great kick starter program geared at giving you the basic good quality jeans at an affordable price


Levis – 47$ Look for their Raw Denim Line or 513 continue to stay Dark and Slimmer

Levis Raw Demin

Gap – 52$ They have an awesome Raw Denim line as well as good quality jeans

Landsend Jeans

Uniqlo – 49$ Cheap, decent quality jeans




Lands End -59$  My go to brand for anything good quality at a reasonable price, and they always have awesome sales

Gap Jeans


So the next time you think that jeans are for the workplace just look at this guy.


Colby signing off and hopefully expanding your Dappered mind

Screenshot 2014-08-15 20.50.19






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