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Staying Dapper while Travelling

Staying Dappered and Classy isn’t always the easiest thing to do when traveling, even I sometimes just don’t want to put the effort into staying gentlemanly, but come on gentlemen we can’t be hoodlums and dropouts here. Were adult grown men, we have jobs and wives/women, we have to dress for success you never know what might happen when traveling. You could be hanging out in a Hostel or Hotel and meet a potential business partner or Job opportunity, and do you want the first thing you do to be to give that person the impression that your not professional and smart. That your not intellectual and educated that you cant dress yourself. To bring all that together here we go, staying simple and not complicated, Light and not Heavy. One BAG, that’s right only One. All on a budget and affordable.




Suit: Blue or Gray Suit of your choice: Something Cotton or Lightweight to be safe Menshealth

Shirts: Something light in color always one white shirt and maybe a blue solid or patterned BrooksBrothers, Charles Tywhitt, and cheaper options Nordstorm, and Lands End

Accessories: Sunglasses (Stay Classy), Classy manly watch( Always leather band were not in the Mafia), a pocket square because it makes everything better

Shoes: Cap-toe or Wingtip maybe even Monk Strapped  Johnston & Murphy, Allen Edmonds

Socks: Something colorful and patterned to bring some life to you and your outfit   Calvin Klein,

Ties: At least two, one for dressy events such as dinners and special occasions and the other for fun.   The Tie Bar





Blazer: Something Cotton again and lightweight your choice of color something fun but versatile

Shirts: One polo, two shirts- One Crew neck and One V-neck, And one button down casual no dinner formal     Lands End,

Pants: Dark Jeans (Only ONE and NO HOLES), 20Jeans, Levis’s

Shorts: Something short (Its OK your not a girl but your not a hoodlum)    H&M

Accessories: Classy sports watch/ Change the dressy leather band    Fossil,

Shoes: Maybe that awesome pair of wingtip Boots or even a pair of desert/Chukka boots    Allen Edmonds, Johnston & Murphy

Socks:Again stay lightweight and Colorful       Calvin Klein

The Luxuries:


Watches:  Fossil, whatever you find on preferably something leather and smart looking and for activites that involve running around or going into the water a water proof smart watch like a vivofit

Belts:  Hook Belts, Brown and Black

Wallet:  Something Leather or Synthetic

Mp3 Player & Headphones:   Ipod

Dopp Kit: Only the Essentials ( Toothbrush, Razor and Blades, Shaving cream or Soap, Deodorant because come on no one should have to smell you, Shampoo, A comb because were Dappered, And something to go with the Comb(Royal crown,  Tres Flores, or whatever you like). The Extras ( Fingernail Clippers, Meds, Your first aid, and to be prepared a Sewing Kit)


Stay Dashing gents!




Living in Taipei, finishing my masters' degree and travelling in my spare time.

3 thoughts on “Staying Dapper while Travelling

    1. Hey Geogrina! We just got to Melbourne a little bit ago, we were in Newcastle for a week and we’ll be here another week. Then next week we’ll be in the Blue Mountains for a couple of days and then finish our stay off in Sydney. Will hopefully do a blog post or two, and upload some pictures and stop slacking.

      -Dashing Traveller


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