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Australia Adventure part 1- Newcastle

Hey Guys!

So, I thought that I’d try something a little different this week to see if you guys like or not. But, this week and maybe for the next couple of weeks I’ll be writing a little journal type travel blog about my holiday vacation/adventure to Australia.

I finally was able to make it back to Australia 3 years later and this time I was able to bring my lovely wife with me. Here are some photos from our first part in Newcastle, Australia. We got to see some old friends and relax for a week. Here are some of the photos we took around the city.


Random cool street art

DSCN0923 DSCN0922 DSCN0917 DSCN0902 DSCN0921

Me failing at playing footy with some friends.
A popular sign in Australia, I think they made it so they didn’t have to have a stop sign


Me and Sara on the Beach
Me and Sara on the Beach
coast shots
coast shot
Christmas in Australia


Awesome day for wind surfing
Awesome day for wind surfing


The broadwalk
The broadwalk

Hopefully more to come in the next week, I have been trying to start taking more photos not just for remembrance for myself but for others to see. Newcastle’s a great little city with a lot of character and beauty, it was actually ranked in the top 10 cities in Lonely Planets 2011 issue. I was glad I came to this little city that’s a tenth of the population of Sydney; however the second oldest city in Australia to study all those 3 years ago.

Remember to comment, like or share if you enjoyed this, or if you didn’t that’s OK too. Just let me know if you want to see more of these types of articles as well as the general style and travel writings.

-Dashing Traveller



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