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Australia Adventure part 2- Melbourne



After leaving Newcastle we headed to the most liveable city in the world three years in a row Melbourne! An amazing city full of life and art, oh and amazing coffee! If your ever headed there be sure to check out some of the things I’ve listed below, to help you in your adventures!

Hope you enjoy!


  • Airport to the city:
    • Take public transportation to the city-
      • First buy your Myki card $6.00 & load some money
        • Trip should cost under $7.00 a person *(budget 2hrs to get to the city from the airport because it’s not very close)
          • (Taking public transportation is $7 compared to the skybus which is 18 a person)
  • The Myki card is used all over Victoria and all buses only take it, so you have to buy one right away. However there are daily caps for the week and weekend that make traveling all over the city and outsides easy and cheap. During the week the cap should be around $7, and the weekend its only $6.


  • Things to do in Melbourne no matter your budget
    • Arts:
      • Street art: Hosier and Rutledge lane,
      • Laneways: Causeway & Hardware lane, The Royal & Block arcade, Degraves street.
      • Cool European and gothic art: Government house, shrine of remembrance, Melbourne University
      • Coffee: The real reason you came to Melbourne is coffee, with Melbourne being the Coffee capital of Australia and a big place for coffee in all the world some of the places I checked out when I was there where Seven Seeds coffee and Brother Budan. The second shop actually being owned by Seven Seeds coffee, bother were pretty good. The coffee was strong and a little bitter, however you could taste your coffee and the background wasn’t flat.
      • Markets: So Melbourne being a great art place isn’t just known for great street art, but there also known for having some great open markets. The markets I was able to visit were the Queen Victoria Market and the Rose Street Artist Market. The Queen Victoria Market has a ton of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as a ton of cheap souvenirs (check out the $5 t-shirts especially!). It also has a great Wednesday night market with lots of great food and vendors, however I wasn’t able to go and experience its greatness. The Rose Street Artist Market is basically a huge etsy shop. There is a lot of photos, jewelry, woodwork, and many other handmade items.
      • Places to stay– The option I took since I was travelling with my wife was Airbnb, however there are many great and cheap hostels to stay in. The host that we had lived in Elwood near the St. Kilda district of Melbourne. We ended up only paying around $58 a night. That’s a great price considering that we had the whole place to ourselves, including a great kitchen and living room with a projector and patio.
      • Food- queen Victoria market, wonder bao, I love dumpling. Brother budan
      • Budget: Something everyone’s wondering about what did it cost for a week in Melbourne the world’s sixth most expensive city?
        •  *All prices are for two people*
          • $290/58 per night for 5 days
          • $75/ for 5 days of eating out, $50/ for groceries
          • $56/Transportation
          • $290/ entrances into museums and a full days tour on the great ocean road.
            • Total= $761.00, using my credit card bonus for a total of $471.00.
Start your day off here at the cities Vistor centre


Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square

DSCN0990 (2)
Random church
Flinder Street Station
Christmas Decorations
Random Street art
More street art
Mike Wazowski
Eureka Building
Chinatown arch
Longest Parade Dragon in the world!
Big sculpture thing
Wife and I at a garden
Cool fountain
World Heritage Site building
Huge Rubix Cube building
Cool looking church
Melbourne Harbour
Aboriginal art
More Aboriginal art
Sculpture outside Library
University of Melbourne
Royal Arcade
Luna Park creepy face
Brother Baba Budan coffee house
Waiting for my coffee
Chairs on the ceiling in Brother Baba Budan

                IMG_20141221_112022 IMG_20141221_113955 IMG_20141221_125139



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