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Australia Adventure part 3- Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road-

Entering now my third segment of my trip, The Great Ocean Road or should I say The Amazing Ocean Road! This place is beyond great and enters Amazing! The road was originally built by the Australian military as a means to give them something to do with themselves after coming back from war. However, not only did it give them something to do with themselves it gave us all something to do with ourselves. To see the road and all the beauty it brings you will need at least one full day, however more would be very much appreciated!

Arch that officially begins the Great Ocean Road

Here’s how I did The Great Ocean Road with only one day at my disposal. I don’t normally like to take tours but since I was so very limited on time available and was with the lovely wife, I didn’t see a much better way than to take a touristy tour. The reason I don’t normally take tours is because you only get to see the big attractions, and I really like experiencing things for what they really are and not just the big things the little things as well. But, this time was different I did my research and through one of my favorite travel bloggers Nomadic Matt I have able to get some some much needed useful information about great tour sights. After, rigorously searching around after receiving that information I stumbled upon GoWest Tours. Go west only specifically does Melbourne, Australia tours so they know a lot about the area and a lot of great secret information. After reading a great deal of background information and reviews on them I decided to take a chance with them, and oh what a great chance I took.  The tour was AU$125 PP= USD$100, which isn’t too bad for what it included lunch and a 12 hr tour of the whole Great Ocean Road.

So sit back and enjoy the pictures!


Flinders Range
Bells Beach
Cockatoo joined us for brunch!



The wife forgot her sunglasses
More birds
Koalas just relaxing
As you can see, the birds were very friendly


The Twelve Apostles
Panoramic of the Twelve Apostles
Wife and I
Lord Ard Gorge


London Bridge is falling down!
Some brave souls exploring the London Bridge up close and personal

Hope you gents enjoyed this article and like me know what you would like me to write less about and more about! Remember to like, share and comment if you enjoyed this!

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