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Getting a Visa

Getting a Visa

If your from a western country or a country with a strong international presence passport chances are your passports can get you into over 150+ countries without having to apply for a visa. This one simple thing that is a lot of the times easily over looked and discarded as a birthright, isn’t the case for allot of countries such as the Asia, The Middle East and Africa that have to usually apply for every countries visa before stepping foot into that country.

What company do I recommend? I have tried a couple different visa services for more hard to get to visas such as China and I would have to say that VisaHq is a step above the rest. Their attention to detail and response time is superb, I was in the realm to search for a reasonable service that could answer a couple of my weird questions and when contacted  few websites responded to me in a timely and sufficient manner. This is where VisaHq came into the picture, I gave them a quick ring and had my tricky questions answered right away.

Once I had applied and sent in my documents to them, they had quickly and efficiently noticed that I had forgot to attach a copy of my departure ticket and since China isnt the best about allowing people through customs with a non-complete or return ticket I would have surely been rejected at the Chinese consulate.



with the quick and great service at Visa Hq they noticed this and contacted me by phone and email right away to get this sorted.

After sorting this ordeal out, my visa was sent to the consulate and approved and mailed back to me within a week.


Great Service at a Great Price! I definitively recommend them to anyone that is having difficulty applying for that hard to reach or tricky visa. If you have any doubt or want to remove that troublesome visa application process from your mind check out VisaHq.





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