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Guide to Hong Kong- Beginners to Experienced

This global city is one of the best places to start your trip into Asia at, if this is your first time in Hong Kong or your tenth I believe that everyone can learn something new and maybe this little guide will teach you something new.

Average Costs:

Accommodation: The average cost of hostels dorm in Hong Kong is around 100-150HKD per night or about 200HKD per night for a private room at the low end. This is about average for the world but its little high for Asia.

Food: Food costs in Hong Kong are almost if not the highest in all of Asia. Average meals at the low end around about 40-50HKD per meal. However, prices can and will easily rise in more quiet and sit down restaurants. If you head to Kowloon and New Kowloon you’ll notice that you can easily get more bang for your buck than compared with on Hong Kong island. You should be able to find some cheaper meals for around 25-35HKD per meal on Kowloon.

Transportation: If your looking on taking the MTR allot each day costs will easily rise pretty high, but you can easily pick up a tourist day pass for 55HKD at any MTR station. Compared to the average one way cost of 4.5HKD to over 50HKD. So that 55HKD one day pass will save you quiet a bit of money. Buses are very easy to master in Hong Kong within only a few rides, the one way costs start from 10HKD.

To make your life a whole of allot easier if taking the MTR or Buses without a one day tourist travel pass, you’ll want to get an Octopus card for a 50HKD deposit and 100HKD initial storage. Here’s the Octopus Cards website

Activities & Things to do:

Like most things in Hong Kong activities as well can quickly add up, however there are some well kept secret activities that might not cost you anything. Below is some of the things that I’ve discovered through shear luck or research.

Hiking Lantau Island:

Tian Tian Buddha: Is one of the biggest Buddha’s in the world, this place is a great place to visit if your short on time in Hong Kong. You can visit the Buddha by way of the Nong Ping 360 or by taking the of the Mui Wo stop bus No.2 or at the Tung Chung station bus No.23.



Nong Ping 360 Gondola: The most expensive activity on this list at 165PP HKD, is the Nong Ping Gondola 360. The Nong Ping Gondola is a great 5.7km ride through some small mountains and across the ocean. Its a little expensive but one of the few things in Hong Kong I actually found worth splurging on.

Star Ferry: I believe that the Star Ferry is by the far the biggest bang for your buck in Hong Kong, its 2HKD each way. It’s one of the best things to do in Hong Kong, either at night or during the day you’ll always get a great view of the busy city.

Walk along the harbor: Another free thing to do in Hong Kong, this along with the Star Ferry ride are probably my favorite things to do in Hong Kong. You’ll get some great views of the city especially at night, its a beautiful place that really comes alive at night.



Hong Kong Museum History : Its a great museum that’s free on Wednesday’s or only 10HKD PP otherwise.

Lama Island: Get off of Hong Kong island for the day and take a day trip to Lama Island, its a quick boat ride from the pier next to the Star Ferry port. The ride will only cost you 17-23HKD depending on if its during the week or the weekend and take you around 30 minutes, but its one of the best ways to escape the city and see more than most tourists or people do when they go to Hong Kong. Catch the ferry from either Central station or the Yung Shue Wan station and running about every half hour.
Get Dim Sum: There are a couple of places to get some good cheap Dim Sum in Hong Kong, even a place where you can get a 1 Michelin Star restaurant without breaking the bank.The Peak Tram: It’s probably the most touristy thing to do while in Hong Kong, but for 83HKD PP it’s  farely cheap and quick way to get to one of the best if not the best view of Hong Kong.

Tips and Tricks to Save Some Money:

Stay off of Hong Kong Island: You’ll notice your bank account quickly depleting if you spend most of your time on Hong Kong island. So to find the best deals on food, and shopping you have to head to Kowloon and New Kowloon.

Get a transit pass: These will save you loads if your taking the train, the trains fares aren’t high at first but quickly grow high if you travel around the city any amount.

Take advantage of free things: Hong Kong is an expensive place, but in all expensive places there are at least some free or cheap things to do. In Hong Kong those things are the Star Ferry, Walk the pier and visit the Hong Kong History Museum. All of these things are either free or below 10HKD= 1.5USD


Hope this help everyone out just a little bit more when travelling to Hong Kong!





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