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Guide to Tainan City

Why come to Tainan?

Most people that come to Taiwan only make it to a couple of places Taipei, Hualien and maybe just maybe Kenting. However, most people largely overlook the oldest and previous capital of Taiwan, Tainan City. Tainan is famous inside of Taiwan, but not so famous outside of the island.

What Tainan does best?

Tainan knows how to do food and culture. That simple sentence is vague, but let me explain myself a little. Taiwan is known as a foodies Heaven but Tainan is what makes it that. People who know anything about Taiwan’s street food or night markets know of Shilin night market in Taipei, but most cannot call that established a night market with a straight face. Tainan is where the night market becomes something real. Tainan has most likely millions of restaurants and temples alike, you can stumble onto a random street and be greeted by a host of different Tea Shops and restaurants. Where the food is insanely cheap and more than not so mouth wateringly good.

ok, ok, ok. Now that you know what Tainan is good at, where should you go and what should you eat in Tainan? Below I have two categories one for Foodies and one for the adventure seekers.


Night Markets:

Flower Night Market(花園夜市): (海安路三段跟和緯路交差): The biggest and most busy night market in Tainan and all of Taiwan. This is what a real night market should look like and something that easily beats any of the rest in Taiwan. Their only open Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm-12am.


Alexander Synaptic

Da Tong Night Market: Linsen Road, Section 1, near Chongde Rd., East District. This is the second biggest night market in Tainan and packed in a small area near Cheng Kung Daxue and the train station. Their open Monday, Tuesday and Friday from 6pm-12am.


Shanghai Haowei Dao Xiao Long Bao(上海好味道小龍抱)- The best Soup Dumplings in Tainan and ones that can easily compete with Din Tai Fung level and easily beats their prices. A seat of 7 Soup Dumplings will run you 80NTD.

Just Food:

Chuang Kou Tu Si(窗口吐司): A cool unique place for grilled sandwiches that range from the simple grilled cheese to more unique ones such as the Bacon, Peanut-butter and cheese grilled sandwich.

Breakfast foods: In Tainan you won’t find lots of breakfast foods on google maps, it’s just kinds something you’ll have to ask around from the people at your hotel, hostel or homestay. It depends on your location as to where the nearest breakfast place will be. Here is one that I like that’s cheap, quick and local.  打拋豬肉蛋餅(702, Tainan City, South District, Section 1, Jiankang Rd, 195號)

Coffee and Tea:

Lujiao Zhi Kafei(鹿角枝咖啡): A cool unique coffee shop in an old house.

Queenny: 700, West Central District (慶中街196號): Around 70NTD per cup of Boba tea, this place is one of the better places in Tainan for tea.


Tai Yang Shui Pin(太陽水品): The best Ice Cream in Town, for only 50NTD you can get really large portions of great Ice Cream.



Beach: Anping Moon Beach安平月亮湾(台南市安平區漁光路旁)


Ben Cheng

Koxinga Shrine: No. 152, Kaishan Rd., West Central Dist(中西區開山路152號)


Jacques Beaulieu

Chihkan Towers (Fort Provintia) No.212 Section 2, Minzu Road, Zhongxi District(中西區民族路二段212號)



Wayne Hsieh

Chi Mei Muesum:  No. 66, Section 2, Wenhua Rd, Rende District(71702仁德區文華路二段66號)


Eton Kwok

Confucius Temple:No.2 Nanmen Road( 中區南門路2號)



Fuzhong Street: Fuzhong St, West Central District(西中區附中街)



Debby  Yu

(Fort Zeelandia) and Tree House: No.106-108 Gubao Street, Anping District(安平區古堡街106, 108號)



Ashey Wu

Guanziling: Hot Spring outside of the city, journey taking about 1 hour each way by 1 bus and 1 train.



Let me know if you have any additions or comments and feel free to share this to people you may know that are interested.




Living in Taipei, finishing my masters' degree and travelling in my spare time.

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