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Taipei Life: Month 13

What I did this month

This month consisted majorly of me starting writing my masters’ thesis and ticking down all of the dozens of coffee shops and cafes I want to visit.

During the first week of the month me and the family took a spur of the moment trip to wulai to enjoy some needed hot spring relaxation.

The rest of the month was spent visiting those coffee shops and cafes. Below are a few that I found to be the best of the ones I visited this month.

Best coffee shops and cafes

Olivia Coffee Roaster

This local coffee shop located near Sun-Yat-Sen memorial hall is a quiet small little piece of greatness. They make great coffee and are super nice, they have a small selection of single origin coffee for you to choose from or just the basic latte and what not. They have a small set of different desserts to try or daily they have a special dessert for the day, be sure to ask about it! The day I came I was lucky to get their lemon tart and it was super lemony and good!

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.54.56 PM.png

Elephant Machine Coffee

This coffee shop is super popular and usually super crowded especially on the weekends, but it is crowded for a good reason. The place is super good! They again have all of the stuff that makes a good coffee shop, that being good coffee and lots of good different choices. Their popular stuff is their bottled cold brew that comes with its very own takeaway bottle. This place isn’t most of the times a place where you go to be quiet and get work done, but to talk a bit with some friends.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.03.27 PM.png

Youmoutoohana Coffee

This hard to pronounce place at least in english is good! It is right next to Elephant Machine Coffee and has what that place doesn’t, a good work environment. Their shop is quite big and spacious, with lots of different areas to choose from to work in. You have some areas where you can talk with your friends “if you have them” and other areas where you can sit by yourself and get your stuff done.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.02.12 PM.png

Perch Cafe

This place has some seriously good sandwiches and decent coffee, but I mean really good sandwiches!! This coffee shop also has a good study and work atmosphere to help you get what you need to get accomplished done.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 10.35.14 PM

(小虎) Little Tiger Cafe

This is a no frills kinda place, small and simple. But sometimes small and simple is all you need in life. It has a really good selection of great cheap coffee. You can come in and grab a quick cheap cup of coffee or grab your coffee and hang out for a little bit. The owner is a really nice and well knowledgable coffee lover.


The Rest

Besides coffee shop and cafe hopping and the one spur of the moment family trip to Wulai I didn’t do much else aside from writing my thesis. Next month me and the family will take a week long trip to Malaysia so be tuned in for that. Aside from that trip at the end of the month I will continue to coffee shop and cafe hop and write my masters thesis.

Well thats it for now.







Living in Taipei, finishing my masters' degree and travelling in my spare time.

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