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Hike of the Week 1: Jin Mian Shan(金面山) on a Friday

This Friday I was able to experience another great offering Taipei has that came in the form of a trail called Jin Mian Shan(金面山). This trail is easily accessible from the close by Xihu MRT Station, it is only about 1km away. This hike is a fair challenge that involves numerous big boulders and large rocks to traverse over and across.

If you want to try this hiking trail out be sure to bring your good supportive hiking shoes, a towel, food and lots of water to survive the summer heat and humidity of Taiwan. The total duration of the hike should be around 2 hours for the complete loop around to back where you started at.

The day I went my friend and I were passed by a older Taiwanese man looking around 80 years old holding in one hand an umbrella and completing the hike in dress shoes…I wouldn’t be surprised if the day you go to see the similar sight, but don’t get yourself down and out!

IMG_20170825_102741One of the few rope traverses


The Top View

If you have know any other great hikes in the Taipei area let me know down below in the comments.



Directions: Xihu MRT Station

Duration: 1-2 hour, 2-4km depending on which route you take

Water: 1ltr, depending on the weather

Shoes: Good sturdy hiking boots because of the large rocks and boulders

Difficulty: Moderate, some areas with large rocks and boulders where you need to cross along a guided rope



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2 thoughts on “Hike of the Week 1: Jin Mian Shan(金面山) on a Friday

  1. There’s plenty around Taipei! If you haven’t done it already I recommend the Yinhe Cave and waterfall hike, (it goes up to the gondolas which makes it kind of different). And if you’ve got your own transport then the opportunities are limitless.


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