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Huang Di Dian Trail (石碇皇帝殿登山步道)


I discovered this great trail just a couple of days before I decided to drag some friends along with me to hike it. Actually, I really stumbled upon this trail by luck of google maps scrolling. Nearby there is a great swimming area and this is just short walk away. As I started to scroll through the Google map photos I became more intrigued, and that is when I started Googling and found a couple of great blog posts about it by goteamjosh, taiwanoffthebeatentrack, and lastly hikingtaiwan.  After reading those I had made up my mind to hike the Huang Di Dian trail.

I wasn’t prepared for it though, I went in my sandals and barely made it through the day. This is why I would greatly recommend that you are prepared and ready for this hike if you choose to tackle this trail. Good shoes and some snacks and loads of water are a must.

photos below↓


The start of the thousands of stairs of Huang Di Dian


The one and only map..


Stairs and good scenery


When you can feel the stairs ending soon


Where the real trail starts



Lots of these fun obstacles


A great ending to the trail down

We ended up finding an extreme and fast way out of the trail without having to complete the last 3 mountain peaks, which going by our map would of been another 4.5km or around 3 hours. This route was rather direct at least we thought. We descended quickly off the trail and found our first signs of life an elderly women manning a temple next to a stone rock that looks resembled a monkey.

After taking a break at the temple we continued down the trail exit, however we ended up on the road and the road was another 2km to the highway and another 1km to the bus stop. Safe to say we were reconsidering whether our quick shortcut was actually really quicker at all.

This is was the end of the Huang Di Dian trail for us, to be continued another day.

If you know of any other challenging, obstacle filled hiking trails around the Taipei area let me know down in the comments.



Directions: Driving or by public transport bus no.795 from Muzha or Taipei Nan Gang Exhibition Center MRT stations. Or the (death bus) 666 from one of its many stops. Or another option is Uber around 200nt from Taipei Nan Gang Exhibition center MRT Station.

Duration: 5km+

Water: 2L depending on the whether and how many mountain peaks you complete. 

Shoes: Good supporting hiking boots

Difficulty: Challenging and Hard



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2 thoughts on “Huang Di Dian Trail (石碇皇帝殿登山步道)

  1. Sandals?! I thought the locals were crazy for hiking in wellies. If you like walking and swimming I’d recommend the kezilin to xin shan hike I did recently as that has both. It’s not an easy hike but it’s not as dangerous as some of the more exposed ones could be so it’s quite a good way to familiarise yourself with Taiwan hiking.

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