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Malaysia Adventures Part 1 (Kuala Lumpur) 马来西亚探险第1部分(吉隆坡)

This is the first day of our family vacation in Malaysia. It started with us arriving super early at 4 am at Kuala Lumpur international airport, instead of trying to get a little sleep in the airport we found the nearest and cheapest hotel. We crashed their until around 11am where we headed into the city to start our adventures.


Kuala Lumpur is a very diverse, unique and beautiful city. Even though this was our first day and we did not want to throw to much stuff into one day, I can tell that Kuala Lumpur has so much to offer not only the family traveler, but also the backpacker, etc.


We started by visiting the Central Market, which is a very large open air and inclosed market offering lots of different tourist things for sell, and also lots of Chinese, Indian and Malay handmade clothes and goods for purchase. My wife very much enjoyed this part of the city.


Afterwards, we were starving so we did not have to look very far to find an amazing food find that was Restoran Yusoof Dan Zakhir. This place is very cheap and ohhh so good! They offer great Indian food.

后来,我们饥肠辘辘,所以我们不必去很远的地方去寻找一种神奇的食物,那就是Restoran Yusoof Dan Zakhir。这个地方又便宜又好吃! 他们提供很棒的印度食物。

After filling our stomachs we headed off to see the Petronas Towers, we were not very interested in seeing the large and expansive mall inside, but rather the beautiful park and water fountain outside.


The best part about Kuala Lumpur is that you can get anywhere you want to very fast, conveniently and very cheaply by using Uber. Each trip we took may have been around 15 minutes, but it was only around 1-2USD per trip.

吉隆坡最好的地方是你可以在任何地方快速、方便、便宜地使用优步。我们每次旅行可能都是15分钟左右,但每次旅行只有1 – 2美元。

I look forward to sharing the next part of our trip with you next time!





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