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One & Together 在一起- An Awesome cafe

During Chinese New Year me and the family took it upon ourselves to explore the city that we live more, and that meant doing something new each day. On one of those days, we went to the Lin Family Mansion, after visiting that great place we were in need of something to eat and just happened by this place by way of handy google maps.

This little cafe is a little bit of everything in it, they sell local Taiwanese crafts and foods that they use in their cafe, along with that area they also have a great little spot tucked away in one of the corners for kids supplied with lots of legos to play with. In addition to their atmosphere, they also have a great menu using all Taiwanese supplies for the food.

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 7.55.08 PM.png

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An Amazing Little Sandwich Shop (小超可愛的三明治店Cocorico 小食店)

Recently I’ve begun to notice a lot of trendy sandwich shops springing up around Taipei the city I live in. I admit I try my best to avoid all of these shops, mainly for two reasons: the first is that they usually suck and are overpriced, the second is that they don’t stick around long.

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Rock Climbing a Journey of Ups and Downs 攀岩是一段跌宕起伏的旅程

I’ve been rock climbing for about 6 months consistent and on and off due to simple irritating injuries, and throughout that time I have been to a number of climbing gyms. I really enjoy T-up’s climbing gym, it is quite new, only being open for about half a year now. The gyms decor is simple, clean and just works, they have thought about the little things that make your routine or day out to the climbing gym that much better.

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