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Private island life, loving relaxing on the beach 私人岛屿生活,喜欢在海滩上放松

During our recent trip to Malaysia my family and I got to experience life on a private beach, after taking a small quick boat ride from the main island of Langkawi we landed on a beautiful private beach where we spent a couple hours relaxing.


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Malaysia Adventures Part 2 (Kuala Lumpur) 馬來西亞冒險第1部分(吉隆坡)

Hey Steemit friends,

Day 2 of our family vacation lead us to the magical place known as Batu Cave. This is one of the biggest tourist destinations in all of Malaysia, but it is hard to argue with that once you see the place.

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Malaysia Adventures Part 1 (Kuala Lumpur) 马来西亚探险第1部分(吉隆坡)

This is the first day of our family vacation in Malaysia. It started with us arriving super early at 4 am at Kuala Lumpur international airport, instead of trying to get a little sleep in the airport we found the nearest and cheapest hotel. We crashed their until around 11am where we headed into the city to start our adventures.


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