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Catching a bit of Miyazaki in Taipei –

Yesterday my family and I were around the Taipei 101 area, and while walking around aimlessly we stumbled upon a shop that look very much familiar to me. This shop looked like they transported the Miyazaki Studio Ghibli Museum to Taipei.

uriel and kittenbus.jpg

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Private island life, loving relaxing on the beach 私人岛屿生活,喜欢在海滩上放松

During our recent trip to Malaysia my family and I got to experience life on a private beach, after taking a small quick boat ride from the main island of Langkawi we landed on a beautiful private beach where we spent a couple hours relaxing.


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A Day in Tamshui, Having fun with the family

During the weekend my family and I try to take as many mini trips as we can to try and squeeze the life out of the little bit of time we have off together. One of these examples comes from a weekend trip to Tamshui, Tamshui is in the north of Taipei city, actually technically part of the New Taipei City district.

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