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Australia Adventure part 3- Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road-

Entering now my third segment of my trip, The Great Ocean Road or should I say The Amazing Ocean Road! This place is beyond great and enters Amazing! The road was originally built by the Australian military as a means to give them something to do with themselves after coming back from war. However, not only did it give them something to do with themselves it gave us all something to do with ourselves. To see the road and all the beauty it brings you will need at least one full day, however more would be very much appreciated!

Arch that officially begins the Great Ocean Road

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Australia Adventure part 2- Melbourne



After leaving Newcastle we headed to the most liveable city in the world three years in a row Melbourne! An amazing city full of life and art, oh and amazing coffee! If your ever headed there be sure to check out some of the things I’ve listed below, to help you in your adventures!

Hope you enjoy!


  • Airport to the city:
    • Take public transportation to the city-
      • First buy your Myki card $6.00 & load some money
        • Trip should cost under $7.00 a person *(budget 2hrs to get to the city from the airport because it’s not very close)
          • (Taking public transportation is $7 compared to the skybus which is 18 a person)
  • The Myki card is used all over Victoria and all buses only take it, so you have to buy one right away. However there are daily caps for the week and weekend that make traveling all over the city and outsides easy and cheap. During the week the cap should be around $7, and the weekend its only $6.

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