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An Amazing Little Sandwich Shop (小超可愛的三明治店Cocorico 小食店)

Recently I’ve begun to notice a lot of trendy sandwich shops springing up around Taipei the city I live in. I admit I try my best to avoid all of these shops, mainly for two reasons: the first is that they usually suck and are overpriced, the second is that they don’t stick around long.

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Gusto Pizza- My Favorite Pizza in Taipei (我在台北最喜歡的披薩)

Pizza is something that seems to connect people from all walks of life, no matter the language, culture, religion, or creed. That is one of the reasons that makes it my favorite food. Since I love and eat pizza so much, I have been to a lot of pizza places. Today I want to share with all of my readers my favorite pizza place in Taipei, and all of Taiwan.

Gusto Pizza is run by a friend of mine named Bilal. Bilal comes from the UK, and he knows what pizza should be.

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Taipei Life: Month 13

What I did this month

This month consisted majorly of me starting writing my masters’ thesis and ticking down all of the dozens of coffee shops and cafes I want to visit.

During the first week of the month me and the family took a spur of the moment trip to wulai to enjoy some needed hot spring relaxation.

The rest of the month was spent visiting those coffee shops and cafes. Below are a few that I found to be the best of the ones I visited this month.

Best coffee shops and cafes

Olivia Coffee Roaster

This local coffee shop located near Sun-Yat-Sen memorial hall is a quiet small little piece of greatness. They make great coffee and are super nice, they have a small selection of single origin coffee for you to choose from or just the basic latte and what not. They have a small set of different desserts to try or daily they have a special dessert for the day, be sure to ask about it! The day I came I was lucky to get their lemon tart and it was super lemony and good!

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.54.56 PM.png

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Awesome Coffee and Cafes in Taipei

My friend mentioned something a while back about me writing up a blog post about finding love in coffee in Taiwan and since I’m now living in Taipei up from Tainan I thought that I would finally get around to doing that. These coffee shops and places to buy coffee for making your own cup of joe are nearby where I’m currently living in the Da’an District of Taipei. However, since Taipei is quiet easily navigated by public transportation its easily accessible  for anyone in the general Taipei area.

10 places to have a coffee

This list is in no particular order, just some of the good places

1. Xiao Mijiu Cafe 小米酒咖啡館

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 12.27.59 AM.png

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