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Finding Peace and Tranquility in a Japanese Shrine

Japan has so many amazing preserved and peaceful shrines dotted throughout the country, even in the big cities you will always be able to find a peaceful place to walk and relax in a nearby shrine.

This particular shrine I’m sharing is from my favorite area in Japan that is the Mt. Fuji Five Lakes, this shrine is called Kawaguchiko Asama. It is in very close proximity to Mt.Fuji, which gives it an especially relaxing, peaceful and beautiful atmosphere.

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Mt. Fuji

This is my favorite place in Japan, it is the most beautiful part of the country to see in my opinion. No matter what time you plan to take a visit to Mt.Fuji it will never disappoint you! I have been back 4 times now and the majority of those times were in the winter and it has never disappointed me.

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Beautiful and Amazing Japanese Tori

During our time in Kyoto, Japan we were able to experience the amazing Japanese tori of Fushimi Inari-taisha. Even though this place is immensely popular, it is popular for a good reason. The tori here are amazing and remarkable, estimates put the number of tori here at around 32,000. That is just crazy!

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A Day of Monkeys

A a little over a year me and my family took our first family trip to Japan, we visited Japan for two weeks. During our two weeks in Japan we visited Tokyo and Kyoto. Our time in Kyoto was very relaxed, we wanted to enjoy the natural beauty of the city and its surroundings. Because of that we did not want to spend our days running around doing a million things, but instead to do a few amazing things.

We stumbled upon this amazing place where we could take our son and ourselves to see wild monkeys. This place is very accessible from the center of Kyoto as well. Below are some of our pictures of our trip to the Arashiyama Monkey Park Iwatayama


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