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A Day in Tamshui, Having fun with the family

During the weekend my family and I try to take as many mini trips as we can to try and squeeze the life out of the little bit of time we have off together. One of these examples comes from a weekend trip to Tamshui, Tamshui is in the north of Taipei city, actually technically part of the New Taipei City district.

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A Day at the Zoo- 動物園一日遊

We find ourselves frequently at the zoo, there may be some obvious reasons like because we have a son, and it’s cheap, but there are some other reasons like everybody loves animals!

The Taipei Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world! It’s only 60NTD or 2USD which is a complete bargain especially for what you get for that money. The zoo has everything you want and need out of a zoo, and something you don’t get to see much pandas!

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