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Taipei Life: Month 17

What I did this month

ice skating.jpg

I have been absent from the internet in the form of blogging, the reason is short and simple I’ve been writing my thesis proposal. I just finished my thesis proposal and turned it in, now I have to wait a couple of weeks to defend it in an oral defense.

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Shifen Waterfall 十分瀑布

For mid autumn festival we decided to go see the lanterns at Pingxi and Shifen, but before that we wanted to go to the Shifen waterfalls. We had never been to the waterfalls, and my wife’s sister was visiting us for the first time in Taiwan, so there was no better time to take this trip.

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A Day in Tamshui, Having fun with the family

During the weekend my family and I try to take as many mini trips as we can to try and squeeze the life out of the little bit of time we have off together. One of these examples comes from a weekend trip to Tamshui, Tamshui is in the north of Taipei city, actually technically part of the New Taipei City district.

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